Welcome To Our Site!

National Asian Indian Republican Association (NAIRA) is a forum dedicated to championing the cause of Asian Indians within the GOP (Republican Party). NAIRA is a response to the void in the representation of Asian Indians in the Republican Party, and its motto is:

"Promoting Economic and Political Opportunity for the Asian Indian Community"

Our Mission Statement:

NAIRA provides a forum for its members to conduct activities of common interest to Asian Indians in Colorado and other states where it is active.

NAIRA assists local, state and national Republican candidates for public office. It sponsors an annual banquet each year in Colorado, and other events as needed. It provides a forum for debate of local, state and the national issues of interest to its members.

NAIRA promotes Asian Indian values and culture, and seeks to increase Asian Indian visibility with local, state and national leaders.

NAIRA works to develop closer ties between the U.S. and India by increasing trade, national security cooperation and constructive engagement.